Growth Scope is a powerful, single source, consumer-driven shopping, usage and attitude insights framework that can be used to inform new strategic decisions and track performance across sales, marketing and category strategy.


Growth Scope is available to all manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to the Liquor industry in Australia. It has been developed by our leadership team of expert industry marketers, market research & insights specialists and data science gurus and is delivered to you through an intuitive online platform.

Growth Scope answers the who, what, when, where, why and how much of liquor consumption and shopping in Australia. Capturing over 15,000 consumption occasions annually, Growth Scope will help lift the fog in what is a completely new post COVID market paradigm.

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Business issues Growth Scope can help with

By understanding and tracking category behaviour across consumers and shoppers, trade growth strategies can be informed, measured, and tracked

Category growth strategy & range reviews

By understanding  and mapping how consumer behaviour correlates with consumer needs, new and better offers and initiatives can be identified to propel growth

Innovation strategy

By understanding which consumers buy which products for which occasion through which channel, you can architect your ideal assortment/portfolio of offers to maximise reach, minimise cannibalising overlap, and optimise your investment to maximise returns

Assortment / Portfolio strategy

Understanding not just which competitors are winning, but also the underlying drivers of their success, along with their vulnerabilities helps to unlock strategies to drive share growth

Competitive assessment

Understand category movement by channel and consumer over time to measure and assess your sales and marketing campaigns against their objectives.

Measure campaign effectiveness

Understanding and tracking where and why consumers engage in the category enables you to precisely target where and how to drive brand penetration. Optimise your investment in the activities which will drive physical and mental availability for your brands

Measure and map category entry points

Growth Scope provides a complete suite of integrated input measures which ladder up to your sales result. By deconstructing your sales performance into management KPI’s you can provide clear direction and accountability, and alignment of each and every member of the Sales, Marketing and Category teams.

Align KPIs across the whole commercial team

Understanding the 5W’s and their relevant metrics, along with changes over time is core insight to inform brand and category reviews and plans.

Brand and category planning

What is Growth Scope

Growth Scope is a continuous shopping, usage and attitudes insights platform.

It is designed specifically for the Australian liquor industry, and is focused on helping measure, inform and track growth opportunities for your organisation.

By measuring shopper, consumer and user behaviours, preferences and attitudes on an ongoing basis, Growth Scope provides you with real-time insight into how your products and brands are performing in the market, and the impact of your marketing activity on driving growth.

Growth Scope answers the following questions for the liquor industry

Who consumes?
What do they consume?
Why do they consume what they consume?
When do they consume?
Where do they consume?
What would they have preferred?
Who do they consume with?
What is the price premium paid?
When do they purchase?
Which brands and products do they consume?
Where & why do they purchase?
Why do they choose those offerings?

We provide integrated insights into the 5W's and 1 H of marketing to consumers of liquor deliverd through an interactive dashboard.

  • Demographics
  • Sociographics
  • Segmentation
  • Personas
  • Who with
  • Social setings
  • # units
  • Relative price paid
  • Format share %
  • Category share %
  • Channel share %
  • Product share %
  • Frequency
  • Functional needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Consumption occasions
  • Shopper needs & behaviour
  • Product categories
  • Leading brands
  • Formats for consumption & purchase
  • Available options
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Seasonality
  • Recency
  • Channels
  • Sub-channels
  • On-premise
  • Off-Premise

Insights are delivered to you through an intutive, easy to understand, online user interface.


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Growth Scope's marketing metrix enables you to measure and track the marketing equation





Market or Brand Value
% of user population
Average # of consumption occasions per month
Average volume of product consumed per occasion
Relative price index per unit of consumption

Our coverage

We capture over 15,000 alcohol consumption occasions per year. Our sample is nationally representative of LDA consumers in Australia.

Surveys are conducted on a continuous basis, capturing data daily and reporting either monthly, quarterly or annually.


We measure 7 liquor categories, and 52 subcategories, across on and off premise in all channels.

Each subscription package will be customised to your organisation’s specific needs, based on the categories, sub-categories, channels, customers or consumers you are most interested in. Below is an overview of the different components that make up the Growth Scope dataset.

Our Vision

Growth Scope can help you to stabilise and then grow

Working across the market allows us to provide  you with large sample insight, cost effectively.

Analyse WHY and pinpoint opportunity


What are the new underlying drivers of performance

  • Seasonality

  • Consumer & Shopper Needs

  • Competitors

  • Occasions

  • Channels

  • Promotions

MEASURE performance

What are the new market and consumer behaviour metrics

  • Market

  • Channel

  • Segment

  • Category

  • Consumer

  • Shopper

Understand WHAT is driving performance

Integrated data, lets you understand how all of the different, and now changed variables interrelate with each other, and track how they evolve as we exit the current crisis

Categories & Product

  • BeerClassic, Craft, International, Light, Mid-strength, Premium, Other.

  • Wine -Varietal

    • Red – Shiraz, Cab Sav, Pinot, Merlot, Red Blends, Other.

    • White – Sav Blanc, Pino Gris, Chardonnay, Riesling, White Blends, Other.

    • Sparkling – Champagne, Sparkling white, Sparkling Red, Prosecco, Other

    • Other Wine - Fruit Wine, Fortified Wine, Other.

  • Wine-Region

    • Australia: Major wine regions in each State

    • New Zealand: Major wine regions on each island

    • International 

  • Spirits (FSBS): Whisky, Bourbon, Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Brandy, Gin, Liqueurs, Other.

  • Spirits (RTD/FAB): White Spirit, Dark Spirit

  • Cider: Apple, Pear, Fruit, Other.

  • Formats: Cans, Stubby, Bottle, Cask, Draught, Glass, Jug, Other.

  • Brands & Manufacturer: Bespoke brand reporting available.

Consumers & Shoppers

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Location

  • Socioeconomic

  • Consumption group size and relationships

  • Consumption reasons and activities

  • Consumption day and time

  • Shopper reasons

  • Shopper details

  • Shopper missions

  • Shopper timing and method

  • Pack size

  • Relative price premium

Channels & retailers

  • On Premise: Pub/Bar/Club, Restaurant/Food Service, Other On Premise

  • Off PremiseOnline, Bottle Shop, Supermarket Attached, Big Box, Other Retail

  • Retailers/Retail Banners

    • Dan Murphy's

    • Endeavour Group (excl. Dan Murphy's)

    • Coles Group

    • IBA/Metcash

    • LMG

    • Other Corporate

    • Other Independents


Benefits of Growth Scope

Value and savings
  • Growth Scope uses is a syndicated measurement instrument, resulting in lower cost for each subscriber than bespoke research and insights programs
  • You can substitute Growth Scope for a range of other bespoke studies
Better strategy
  • Pinpoint priority growth opportunities
  • Develop better brand and category plans

How Growth Scope can help you stabilise and then grow

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MEASURE performance

Understand WHAT is driving performance

Analyse WHY & pinpoint opportunity

What are the new market and consumer behaviour metrics


-Master Brand






Integrated data, lets you understand how all of the different, and now changed variables inter-relate with each other, and track how they evolve as we exit the current crisis.

What are the new underlying drivers of performance


-Consumer & Shopper Needs






Subscription options


Category tracker-green.png

Category Tracker

Marketing Metrix

Portrait Painter


WWWWWH? Summaries

A dashboard of how key category consumer and shopper behaviours track over time – Can also add brands as an incremental subscription.

Penetration, Frequency, Intensity and Price Index metrics by category or channel.

Understand the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Much for your category or channel.

Build Portraits of consumers , customers, channels and products for your category or channel.

leading brands-orange.png

Leading Brands

A view of your Growth Scope tools for the leading brands in your chosen category or channel. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of leading brands helps you to identify their vulnerabilities to enhance your competitive strength.

brand vire - light green.png

Brand View

A view of every one of your chosen Growth Scope tools through a brand lens. Subscription based on your nominated brand selections.

Conversion Funnel

Conversion funnel - pink.png

Understand the sequence of how consumers engage with your category  or channel and where there are blockages which when unblocked, can fuel growth.




A tool to draw a line of sight between consumer and shopper behaviours. Informs how to execute trade programs to achieve consumer behaviour objectives, or vice versa.

demand landscape - blue].png

Demand Landscape

A map of the category or channel measuring the interplay between consumers and occasions to identify category entry points, white space for innovation and which offers play where (available in late 2021).

needs footprint-red.png

Needs Footprint

Understand the importance of Emotional and Functional Benefits and their interplay for your category or channel and brand *(extra subscription) (available in late 2021).

white spaces - grey.png

White Spaces

An understanding of specific consumer functional and emotional needs by each category entry point identified in the demand landscape, (available in late 2021).


Free demo

Click below to contact us for a free demonstration of the growth Scope platform.  Our senior team will book an appointment with you and your team to provide a live demonstration of the Growth Scope platform and to discuss potential package options that may be suitable for your organisation.

Click below for a free demo of the Growth Scope dashboard

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Director - Commercial

Acknowledged as one of Australia’s Top Marketers by Adnews,  Andrew gets consumers. He see’s behind the data to understand why they behave the way that they do, translates their behaviour into your business implications, and then shapes the strategic choices needed to enable your business to grow faster and more profitably.  

With a global C-suite career as a CMO, Regional Strategy Director, and Global Innovation Director in the UK, China, ASEAN and Australia, as a Management Consultant working across Asia Pacific, and past director of the AANA,  Andrew has led the beverage and snacking teams that have shaped the strategic direction and success of some of the world’s favourite brands.



Meet the Growth Scope leadership team.  


Our leadership team are expert liquor industry marketers & strategists, market research & insights specialists and data science gurus who know what questions should be asked, how to ask them and how to analyse and present the answers in a meaningful way to the industry.


Director - Data & Anaytics

Irene bridges the gap between data, technology and better marketing decisions. A technical specialist with a passion for consumer behaviour, she has worked extensively across research and big data, specialising in advanced analytics and business intelligence.

As a data scientist, Irene learned the power of data to effect change. She has analysed billions of rows of data, helped countless businesses answer sticky questions, and even used data science to keep a power station running. Through this experience, Irene has developed a keen understanding of how to maximise the value of data and its impact on commercial outcomes. She now applies this knowledge to build marketing insight solutions that support data-driven decision making.

BSc (Psych) BCA (Mktg)

Mel cropped.jpg


Director - Research & Product

A career researcher and insights professional, Mel is a business pragmatist with a data driven mindset.

 Mel doesn’t believe in research for research’s sake, rather she believes that research should tangibly add value to a business or it should not be done at all.

Mel works closely with organisations to truly understand their business and their problems and applies this knowledge to design the optimal approach to finding the answers. 

She is an industry leader in research product management, syndicated research management, client benchmarking, and product design, development and execution.

BA(Psych) BCom(Mktg) MBA


Clients our team have worked with


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