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Unlocking Occasions
in Liquor


“Consumption occasions are…fundamentally important in liquor when understanding why our customers choose a category, brand and ultimately a product to purchase and consume” 


National retailer

Occasion led thinking is becoming increasingly more recognised and adopted as a way of thinking, planning and investing by liquor manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

To learn more about liquor consumption occasions and how to leverage them to grow your brand and sales, register for our "Unlocking Occasions" five-part report series.

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Understand the link between consumption occasions and shopper behaviour and therefore the importance of using occasions understanding to build successful
shopper marketing strategies.

Consumption Occasions

What and Why?

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Unpack the different components of consumption occasions that you need to understand using the who, what, when, where, why and how (much) framework.

Understanding occasions in detail: The 5W’s and 1H of occasions

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Learn how to go about prioritising which occasions to focus your resources on for maximum ROI.

Prioritising occasions for your business

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Coming soon

Executing against occasions for category sales, brand and marketing success

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Coming soon

Measuring and tracking performance and outcomes

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