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1,000,000,000 serves of alcohol evaporated in 2022 ... ... but where did they go?

Insights from Growth Scope, February 2023

# of serves of alcohol consumed annually =

# of Adult Australian alcohol drinkers * average # of occasions per person * average # of serves consumed per occasion per person

2022 vs 2021

Average # of alcohol consumption occasions per year

4% decline

Average # of serves of alcohol consumed per person per occasion

7% decline

When considering that there are ~14.5M adult Australian alcohol consumers, these seemingly small declines equate to

1 BILLION fewer serves of alcohol consumed in 2022 than in 2021. But where did they all go?

1 billion waterfall chart.png

Looking at the decline in # of serves consumed through our Growth Scope occasion segmentation framework, it shows that the declines have come from almost all occasions. The only growth areas are amongst the youth cohort and the retirees.  With family and parent drinking occasions combined contributing to the greatest decline.

The overall decline would have been larger had it not been due to the resurgence of on-premise consumption activity in 2022.

Not all channels or retailers have been affected by this decline equally as people shop at differently for different occasions, visiting different channels, retailers and choosing different products depending how, when and why they will be consuming.

on off prem.png

Contact us to find out more about how your specific retail channel has been affected.

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